Tuesday, April 1, 2008

New Banner

We’ve put up a new banner, courtesy of Thereza...Looks great! Thanks for working on that, Thereza!


rockronie said...

Nice banner you guys.
I love the paper plane especially.

marisilla* said...

i´m sorry but me, as a simple spaniard... i don´t know what a banner is!!

*d.:.::.:. said...

it's a great banner! i'm amazed, you have such a great idea and good results.
i'm a marisilla's fan, have to say... and i'll be here to see what comes next.

marisilla* said...

ok... now i know what a banner is!

Dawn!! i´ve just received your moleskine!!! it´s beautiful...

i´m a little bit stressed thinking what to do with it!!

btw... do we know something about mae jane and tiphoni? any life signals?